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Fast Facts:

  • 12 double-sided sidebars
  • Approximately 2-2.5″ wide
  • Choose binding punch

Introducing our fabulous CityGirl Planners Sidebar Inserts – Menu Planning edition! Planning your meals has never been more fun and rewarding. Not only does it ensure delicious home-cooked meals for your family, but it also saves you precious time and money. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in those fantastic benefits? Get ready to revolutionize your mealtime routine with our Weekly Menu Sidebars!

These ingenious sidebars effortlessly slide in between your planner inserts, giving you the perfect space to map out your weekly menu while keeping track of your grocery list at the same time. It’s the ultimate meal-planning companion that will make your life so much easier. Say goodbye to those last-minute meal dilemmas and hello to a well-organized, stress-free kitchen!

When it’s time to hit the store and stock up on all your delectable ingredients, simply pop out the Sidebars from your planner and take them along with you. No more fumbling through random scraps of paper or scrolling through endless recipe apps. Everything you need will be right there in your hands, neatly organized and ready to guide you through a successful grocery shopping experience.

Picture this: you confidently stroll through the aisles, knowing exactly what you need and avoiding those impulsive purchases. That’s right – our Sidebar Inserts not only simplify your menu planning but also help you save those hard-earned dollars. It’s a win-win situation that will make your taste buds and your wallet rejoice!

So why wait? Embrace the joy of menu planning, unleash your culinary creativity, and savor the satisfaction of providing delicious, wholesome meals for your family. Grab your CityGirl Planners Sidebar Inserts – Menu Planning edition today and experience the delight of stress-free mealtime mastery. Your taste buds, your budget, and your family will thank you!

Now, let’s talk sizing. Our Sidebar Inserts are perfectly crafted to be approximately half the width of your coordinating planner size. Depending on the design, some sizes may have a little more or less width, but rest assured, they’ll fit like a dream.

Each order includes a fantastic quantity of 12 double-sided sheets, giving you plenty of room to jot down your to-dos and conquer the world. After selecting your size, you’ll have the option to choose your preferred binding holes. The punch choice will depend on the dimensions of the page, ensuring a seamless fit for your planner. If you purchase these sidebars with spiral binding along with a spiral planner, these will not be bound into the spiral. They will be left out but punched so you can slit the holes and add them anywhere in the spiral planner as needed.

For those with standard 6-ring configurations like Filofax or Louis Vuitton planners, we’ve got you covered with our 6-Hole Punch option. The Pocket size will have no middle gap between two sets of three holes like the A6, Personal, and A5 have.

Please bear in mind that slight design variations may occur across different sizes. We recommend measuring your existing inserts to ensure a perfect fit before placing an order. However, if you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to email us. We’re here to help you find the ideal size for your planner because your satisfaction is our top priority.

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  1. Cara (Etsy Review)

    Beautiful and roomy for stickers and writing and tape and happiness. My favorite Etsy seller for planning. And fastttttt shipping!!

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