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Hitting the gym hard? Need a tracker to see where your gains are? Check out our Weekly Workout Tracker. Even if some days are just a 30 brisk walk, mark it down. You’d be amazed at how encouraging it can be to see you push yourself.

Record your exercise, how many sets and reps were obtained that day, and how long it took. You can track your water to make sure you are staying hydrated. There is even a bit of space next to the days for anything else you want to add for that workout. Give the Weekly Workout Tracker a try.

  • Quantity: 15 double-sided sheets.
  • Pick your binding holes after you choose a size. Punch choice will be dependent on page dimensions.
  • Please note: if choosing the Spiral Punch option, you will need to slit the holes yourself before adding them to your coiled planner if you already have your spiral. We will bind it with your CityGirl Spiral if purchasing at the same time. It also does NOT include the coil or any binding service.
  • 6-Hole Punch is for standard 6-ring configurations for planners such as Filofax, Louis Vuitton. The Pocket size will have no gap between the sets of three holes like the A6, Personal, and A5 have.

Slight design variations will occur in the sizes. See the size chart tab for sizing details. Please measure your existing inserts BEFORE ordering to ensure a perfect fit when choosing which size refill to purchase. Or send us a quick email. We will help as much as we can to get you the right size for your planner.

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