Purple Kitty Monthly CityGirl Spiral


Just a heads up, this font features Title Case letters. The text you input will be styled as shown in the picture. Tip: Script fonts are hard to read in all caps.


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The Deets:

  • B6 (5.3″ x 7″), A5 Wide (7″ x 9″) or Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
  • 12-month
  • Durable laminated cover
  • Mylar-coated tabs
  • 80# text weight paper
  • Metal spiral
  • Double-sided Pocket Folder
  • Made in the USA

Layout Features:

  • Important Information
  • Mini Years at a Glance
  • Goals 2-page spread
  • Monthly dashboard
  • Dated monthly spreads
  • Notes pages

Notable Highlights:

  • Double your notes pages
  • Select coil color
  • Coil diameter upgrades
  • Neutral designed pages
  • Add-on extra inserts

Welcome to the ultimate planner! Our Monthly CityGirl Spiral planner offers premium quality and stylish design while keeping up with your most demanding plans. Stylish on the outside with a minimalist design inside. This planner comes with plenty of space to stay organized continually.

Customize your Notes pages. Choose one from 3 different designs- lined, dot grid, or graph.

YEARLY STYLING – Complete 12 months. 12-month choices are from standard January through December or Academic July through June. Premium quality 10mL laminated interchangeable patterned cover in your chosen page size (minus tabs). The planner features plenty of space to keep track of all your plans. So stay organized all year and reduce stress while achieving your goals.

CALENDAR LAYOUT – See the big picture with the two-page monthly layout. View your plans for the month at a glance, track your bills, and obtain your goals. There is an added notes section for important information and to-do lists. The laminated tabs on the dashboard pages open up to each two-page monthly spread for easy planning.

OUTSTANDING FEATURES – Our planner includes a personal information page, yearly reference mini calendars, a two-page goals-setting spread, a monthly productivity dashboard, and 40 note pages that have been added to serve all your planning needs.

THICK WHITE 80# PAPER – Write, draw, color, and more with your favorite pen, pencil, and watercolors without shadowing or bleeding through. Suitable for most writing instruments but alcohol-based markers. Choose your coil color and size too!

PERMANENT TABS – Durable, mylar-coated tabs that withstand constant use throughout the year for long-lasting, easy access to your most essential information.

DOUBLE POCKET FOLDER – Keep every part of your life together. We include a double-pocket folder in the back for loose papers you must always have with you.

HANDMADE IN THE USA – Each planner is painstakingly assembled by hand in our studio in Kentucky. From designing, printing the pages, punching holes, cutting the tabs, laminating the covers, to hand-coiling for a truly handmade experience!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing additional add-on packs to go into your spiral, use the coil size guide below. If too many packs are purchased for the chosen coil size, we will fit what we can, and the rest will be sent unbound but punched. 

  • 12 months (1 add-on pack is equal to the 15-count option)
    • 5/8″ coil- (with Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – No Add-On Packs can be added; (without Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – 1 Add-On Pack can be added.
    • 1″ coil- (with Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – up to 2 Add-On Packs can be added; (without Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – up to 3 Add-On Packs can be added.
    • 1 1/2″ coil- (with Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – up to 5 Add-On Packs can be added; (without Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – up to 6 Add-On Packs can be added.
    • 2″ coil- (with Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – up to 12 Add-On Packs can be added; (without Additional 40 Notes Pages upgrade) – up to 13 Add-On Packs can be added.

Jump over to the Spiral Add-Ons section to see how you can pump up your planning power in your CityGirl Spiral. You can also change the outside with an extra interchangeable cover.



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