Daily Undated 6-Month CityGirl Spiral Planner – Love A Sip in Pink


REMINDER: A 1.5″ coil or larger is necessary to house this weekly add-on.

Just a heads up, this font is all about Title Case letters. Any text you input will be styled as shown on the notebook. Tip: script fonts are hard to read in all caps.


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Step into a world of unmatched organization with our Premium 6-Month Daily Planner, now available in three convenient sizes to match your personal preferences – B6, A5 Wide (also known as 7″x9″), and Letter size. This undated, spiral-bound marvel offers an elegant minimalist design, ensuring both visual appeal and high functionality for your everyday planning needs.

Handmade in the USA, our Daily CityGirl spiral planner is not just any planner – it’s a testament to quality, detail, and craftsmanship. Revel in the six months of undated planning with a 2-page monthly layout followed by 31 daily grid-design pages. Whether you’re noting down dates, weather conditions, moon phases, or personal quotes, the generous header and dot grid footer sections are tailor-made for customization.

We’ve considered every detail – from the premium quality 10mL laminated interchangeable cover to the thick, durable white 80# paper that’s ideal for most writing tools (excluding alcohol-based markers). Personalize your experience further with permanent mylar-coated tabs in your favorite color theme and a handy tab placement template for quick setup.

Additional features include:

  • A double-pocket folder for storing essential papers.
  • Personal info page, goal-setting spread, and monthly productivity dashboards to cater to all your planning needs.
  • A sturdy aluminum coil, available in multiple diameters and colors, that binds the pages.

Every planner is meticulously assembled by hand in our Kentucky-based print studio – from designing to hole punching and coiling, ensuring you get a genuine handmade experience. Dive into the world of efficient planning and achieve your goals with reduced stress using our premium planner. Order now and experience an organization like never before!


Two-Year Snap-In Mini Months Calendar Add-On

Effortlessly plan for the future with our laminated, two-year mini calendar. Designed for versatility, this snap-in calendar is updated annually to include the current and following year, providing relevance and foresight. Should you purchase with less than six months in the current year, it will feature the next two upcoming years to maximize your planning horizon. This durable, removable calendar is perfect for quick reference, making it an indispensable tool for your CityGirl Spiral.

Personalize Your CityGirl Spiral: 6-Month Undated Weekly Calendar Add-On

Elevate your planning with 5 weeks of undated pages per month, designed to enrich your CityGirl Spiral experience. Choose your ideal weekly layout to complement your scheduling needs:

  • Horizontal Layout: Stretch out your week with a spacious two-page layout.
  • Vertical Layout: Streamline your days in a structured, columnar view.
  • Week on 1 Page: Condense your week into a single-page overview for efficient planning.

Please Note: Integrating the weekly calendar positions it neatly between the undated monthly spreads and the daily pages for a cohesive flow. Opting for a weekly layout equates to selecting three add-ons due to the additional content provided.

Coil Size Consideration:  Given adding 5 weekly pages per month, a 1.5″ coil or larger is necessary to house the weekly pages comfortably. The standard 1″ coil is incompatible with this expansion. If you plan to include other functional designs, consider the space required to ensure your coil choice can accommodate all your customizations by using the chart below.

Plan ahead, choose wisely, and tailor your CityGirl Spiral to be as unique as your schedule.

When purchasing packs, ensure they are compatible with your chosen size coil. If too many packs are bought, we will fit what we can and send the rest unbound. 1 add-on is equal to the 15-count option.

  • 1″ coil- No Add-On Packs can be added.
  • 1 1/2″ coil- up to 3 Add-Ons can be added.
  • 2″ coil- up to 9 Add-Ons can be added.


Check out the Spiral Add-On Packs section to boost your planning power in your CityGirl Spiral. You can also customize the exterior with additional interchangeable covers.


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