What is the Metro Rewards program?

We value great customers like you and want to reward you for your continued business. Our rewards program is an easy way to earn tokens each time you shop. The more you shop, the more you save!

Do I need to do anything to become part of the CGP Metro Rewards program?

Simply sign up for an account on Customers who create shop accounts are automatically enrolled. To verify your account, sign in to the My Account page. There you can see your current Metro token total, recent orders, and account details.

Do my Metro tokens ever expire?

Yes. Your tokens expire two years after you acquire them.

Is there a fee to be in the program?

No, there is no membership fee to participate in our Metro Rewards program.

How do I earn tokens in the Metro Rewards program?

You can earn tokens for the actions below as discounts on future purchases:

  • Create a shop account – get 100 tokens as a welcome bonus
  • Make a purchase – get 1 token for every dollar spent after any discounts (excludes shipping, taxes, and purchase of gift cards)
  • Leave a review – get 50 tokens for leaving a review for each verified purchase

Tokens from the actions above will automatically build up in your account. Tokens cannot be used on an order until a minimum of 500 points ($5 discount) have been collected.

For even more ways to earn tokens, please join our Facebook group  – CityGirl Planners. We play games that issue bonus tokens from time to time. Tokens earned through these activities are not applied through the automated rewards system. They must be added manually after verification from our team members. It can take up to one week for manually added tokens to become available in your account.

How many tokens will I earn?

Every product page will show an alert as to how many Metro tokens you will earn. You will also be given a notice on the cart page as to how many total tokens you will earn at checkout.

How do I check my Metro Rewards balance?

Log in to your account and head to your My Account dashboard. Your balance can be seen under the “Tokens” tab. More in-depth information about tokens earned, spent, and/or adjusted will be shown on the Events table.

How can I spend my tokens?

You have the option to redeem your tokens on the cart page by clicking “apply discount” before checkout or you may continue to let me accumulate for a higher discount on a future order. The “Use Token” message will not show up on the cart page until you have accumulated enough tokens for a $5 or more discount. If you don’t see this message, head over to your account and check your balance under “Tokens.”

Are there any other ways to earn tokens?

Right now, the above actions are the only way to earning Metro Tokens. We are looking into other referral and liking/sharing programs to give you more ways to earn rewards. We plan to do all we can to continue creating more ways for our faithful customers to save and receive more value with every purchase at CGP.

If you have any questions regarding our Metro Reward token system, please email us through our Contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your repeat business means the world to us. We never imagined the support we would receive when we started CityGirl Planners. Now, it’s our turn to give a little back for your amazing loyalty. We couldn’t do it without your support.