Bind My Inserts – Coil Binding and Interchangeable Cover Combo


Example: Paper Travel cover

In what order do you want your inserts bound in?

I have read the description below in its entirety. I understand by purchasing this listing my order becomes custom and cannot be returned or canceled.

PLEASE NOTE: the purchase of this listing turns your items into a custom order. No custom work can be returned or exchanged.

Do you love our ring inserts but would like to turn them into a custom-sized coil-bound spiral planner? Then you have come to the right listing! By purchasing this coil binding with a cover combo you are turning our usual hole-punched inserts into a completely unique spiral planner.

Our coil binding and cover upgrade come with a sturdy aluminum coil along with a 10mL laminated interchangeable decorative cover (front and back pieces). We will take the inserts purchased along with this listing, coil them with your color choice, and complete it with the laminated cover.

  • 4 sizes of coils available: 5/8″, 1″, 1 1/2″, and 2″.
    • 5/8″ can hold up to 5 sets of standard 15 count inserts.
    • 1″ can hold up to 7 sets of standard 15 count inserts.
    • 1 1/2″ can hold up to 11 sets of standard 15 count inserts.
    • 2″ can hold up to 16 sets of standard 15 count inserts.
    • Calendars can be added with inserts. Please see the 4th picture for more detailed information on how many insert sets can fit the various coil sizes with dated calendars. Please email if you want to coil any undated calendars so we can check against the coil.
  • Can be bound with either Platinum or Black metal coil.
  • Choose your cover design from our broad selection. Choosing the cover pattern from those available in the Metro Covers section.
  • All inserts to be bound do not have to be the same size, but it is recommended. If multiple sizes are selected, smaller inserts will be bound in the front/center of the planner. 366575

This listing is for binding individual inserts only.

If you have any questions regarding this listing, please convo us BEFORE purchase. We want to make sure you order exactly what you need.

IMPORTANT: Again, please do not purchase this listing by itself. It must be added to your cart with your current insert order if you wish for them to be spiral-bound.


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