2021 Week on 2 Page Vertical Tabbed Deluxe Calendar for Rings – Monday Start – BLACK TABS



Our printed Rings 2021 Tabbed Week on 2 Pages Horizontal Deluxe Calendar planner refill is created with the super busy person in mind! No more having to purchase a separate set of tabs to place yourself. This Tabbed version of our weekly calendar comes with laminated tabs that feature the months of the year printed for easy access to your information.

  • 12 MONTH STYLING – January 2021 through December 2021 with major US holidays.
  • PERMANENT TABS – Durable, coated tabs that withstand constant use throughout the year for long-lasting, easy access to your most essential information. Black text on a white background.
  • OUTSTANDING FEATURES – Calendar starts the week on a Monday and includes a Personal Information page along with a Year at a Glance. The A5 and Personal have a weekly box width of 1.5″ while the Pocket is 1.3″ wide.
  • DELUXE VERSION – The Deluxe features our “This Month” dashboard and ends with a “Notes” page approximately every four weeks. Normally, right before the week with the first day of a month in it. The “This Month” page contains space to keep a record of goals, important news, birthdays, and your strategy for the upcoming weeks. The “Notes” page to bring anything over you need to remember from the month before.
  • FINISHING – Punched for a six-ring binder

The photos shown above are in the A5 ringed size. Slight design variations will occur in other sizes. Such as Pocket will only feature 6 tabs down the side. See the size chart tab for sizing details and the video tab for a walkthrough of our calendars.

The Tabbed versions of our calendars will only be sold in 12-month increments in the Deluxe styling.

In an effort to better protect the tabs during shipping, we have placed the tabbed pages together behind the calendar against a piece of cardboard. You will need to add them to the calendar before use. 

This listing is for the finished printed planner insert only. Please read and understand each product’s descriptions, sizes, colors, and formats carefully before ordering. If you would like to see what a particular size design looks like, select that size from the drop-down. The picture will change to that size’s design.

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