2021-2022 Year at a Glance Calendar with Lamination



Our 2021-2022 Year at a Glance printed planner calendar insert compliments your plans perfectly. Grab our Year at a Glance when you need to see the entire year at one time. Great for tracking birthdays, vacations, work schedules, and more!

  • Quantity: ONE (1) double-sided sheet sealed in 10mL lamination for durability and strength. Pocket and Micro size will be TWO (2) double-sided sheets due to page size.
  • The design features 2021 on the front side with 2022 on the back.
  • Pick your binding holes after you choose a size. Punch choice will be dependent on page dimensions.
  • Please note: if choosing the Spiral Punch option, you will need to slit the holes yourself before adding to your coiled planner. It also does NOT include the coil or any binding service.
  • 6-Hole Punch is for standard 6-ring configurations for planners such as Filofax, Louis Vuitton. The Pocket size will have no gap between the sets of three holes like the A6, Personal, and A5 have.

Slight design variations will occur in sizes. See the size chart tab for sizing details. Please measure your existing inserts BEFORE ordering to ensure a perfect fit when choosing which size refill to purchase. Or send us a quick email. We will help as much as we can to get you the right size for your planner.

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25 reviews for 2021-2022 Year at a Glance Calendar with Lamination

  1. KLB (Etsy Review)

    Great item and fast shipping!

  2. BM (Etsy Review)

    Perfect laminated planner calendar sheet. Fast shipping, great shop.

  3. Becky (Etsy Review)

    I didn’t think I really needed this item, but the laminated calendar is actually very useful. It is excellent quality with fast shipping.

  4. Emma (Etsy Review)

    Love this! Purchased for my Kate Spade Agenda Wallet!

  5. Alyssa (Etsy Review)

    Thank you!! Superb quality!! Love it so much!

  6. Pam (Etsy Review)

    Perfect size for my binder! Love the quality of the paper.

  7. cookiepie (Etsy Review)

    Fast shipping and I’m excited to use this.

  8. Deborah (Etsy Review)

    I am always please with purchases from this seller!

  9. Andrea (Etsy Review)

    I bought this one as well as one for 2020 to keep at my desk at work and hang on my cubie wall because I hate thumbing through all the pages of my paper calendar. Thank you for the fast shipping also!

  10. Trellaney (Etsy Review)

    Love this item! Very happy with it and it’s cute!

  11. Breona (Etsy Review)

    Great quality agenda inserts! I will be buying again in the future.

  12. Sandra (Etsy Review)

    Beautifully laminated and very sturdy. Makes a nice addition to my planner. Recommend this seller.

  13. Tina (Etsy Review)

    I am set for 2021. Wonderful dashboard. Thanks

  14. Gao Fvung (Etsy Review)

    THANK YOU 🙂 Fast delivery!

  15. Jill (Etsy Review)

    Exactly as pictured and what I wanted

  16. RedPanda1396 (Etsy Review)

    Fast shipping! Great product. Thank you

  17. Cristina (Etsy Review)

    Excellent!!!!nThank you!

  18. kimbiscuit (Etsy Review)

    Thank you so very much

  19. ramona (Etsy Review)

    Very nice. Small, yet clear and easy to read at-a-glance. Thank you!

  20. SimplyJacque (Etsy Review)

    The calendar is perfect, thank you! 🙂

  21. April (Etsy Review)

    Just take all my money!!! I love this shop, the products are so high quality. You would think that CGP is my neighbor because shipping is so fast! Thank you as always!

  22. Delilah (Etsy Review)

    Love it. Thank you. Fast shipping.

  23. Angela (Etsy Review)

    Great item. Fast delivery. X

  24. lhocke8816 (Etsy Review)

    Excellent quality!

  25. tmfritts (Etsy Review)

    Just what I ordered! Always fast delivery! Happy holidays!

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